L’École de Denver is committed to offering an equitable French Immersion program for students from Cycle 1 through Collège. At each level, we blend the best of the French and American educational systems, gifting our students with deep bi-literacy, whole-child skills and knowledge, and a multi-cultural perspective. 

Our Team

Emmanuel Bidan (Director and College Teacher)  I was born in Laval, France. I have been teaching since 1990 and have experience teaching every elementary grade level Kindergarten through 5th grade. My leadership experience includes serving as Director of After School programs and Summer Camps at a Denver private school. I have lead academic project teams to build curriculums for French schools in the US, and create a report card system for bilingual education, among other projects. In 1997, I completed a pedagogical and teacher trainer certificate program. When I moved to Denver in 2001 with my family to join a bilingual school, I quickly became a passionate advocate for immersion education.

Jenna Bachman (Cycle 1) After 7 years teaching French immersion at a private school I am thrilled to join the wonderful and talented educators at L’École de Denver! I have experience in tutoring French one on one as well as small groups. I was enjoying working with children from 12 months old to 10 years old at the Alliance Française before the closure. When I’m not at school I am at home with my fiancé and my son. In my time outside the classroom I love to swim, read, watch movies, and spend time with my family. But my most favorite thing is travelling and seeing the world with the ones I love!

Charlotte Jeauneau-Sheiner (Cycle 3) Hello! My name is Charlotte Jeauneau-Sheiner! I was born and raised in France, near Tours in the Loire Valley. Right after I got my Bachelor’s Degree in English, I moved to Sydney, Australia. When I got back, I got my Master’s Degree in Education and moved to Grimsby, England. After my time in the UK, I got another Master’s degree in English Literature, this time. After that, I moved to Denver, Colorado, and… Stayed! I found my home in Denver with my husband, Aris, our 2 dogs (Lay-Lay and Lea), 3 ducks (Clover, Cleo and Cloud), and about 25 fish (and yes! They all have names!). I never go anywhere without a book or two and my crochet. I have a passion for hedgehogs and sea otters, I am nuts for French History, and I collect National Parks. When not in class, I like swimming, camping, and spending time with friends. My personal goal for this year is to bike to school whenever possible! In class, I believe that success is within reach of every student, and I do my best to teach to every student as an individual. I usually base my teaching around small groups and do fun activities whenever possible. I’m convinced that communication is the key to a positive parent-teacher-student relationship. So, keep in touch!


Arina Popova (English) My “career” as a teacher started in my grandmother’s classroom at the age of 5. I was responsible for sorting out puzzle boxes. This early keen interest in puzzles, interplay of sounds and meanings, and reading dry British humor brought me to study Linguistics, and later on to a news station. After years of working as a news host, I  thought that it would be more interesting to discuss material, rather than narrate it. Thus, I  went back to the field of education.  I  have a Bachelor of Science in Linguistics, later earned my  Master’s degree in Education, and  I keep on learning. My academic interests include cognitive development, achievement gaps, language acquisition, bi-lingual  education  and social  influences on development. I  most recently lived and worked in Detroit as a reading specialist and literature teacher. I  believe in imparting knowledge about our present world, art , literature and science to our students in creative and engaging forms. My family is still rather new to Colorado, and we enjoy every mountain of it. Aside from cross country skiing, I am practicing my ice skating skills, ballet pas, filling in my passport pages with stamps from countries less traveled and learning foreign languages. Sometimes I dream of being a Rockstar, but in reality, I like spending my time gardening and cross stitching. I am always eager to answer any questions, except for Sundays at 7pm, as Christopher, myself and our shiba inu puppy Marzipan are watching The Simpsons.

Lizeth Patricia Paz Durvin (Pre-K Assistant) After moving to Denver in 2017, I decided to give a turn to my professional path, and started studying Early Childhood Education. After getting my Early childhood entry certificate, I worked at a Child Development Center where I loved working with 3- and 4-years old children, and discovered that I wanted to teach, so it motivated me, and I recently got my teacher certificate. I started studying French in middle school, but did not give it too much importance at the time, as I did not really think that I would use it someday and my priority was to learn English! But then I met my husband, moved to Paris, enrolled in The Sorbonne University to study French language and civilization and ended up spending 12 years in that beautiful country! France is the place where my 3 boys were born, and my husband sometimes jokes that I am more French than him… whatever that means! In my spare time, I love spending time with my family and traveling the world (our goal now is to visit as many states as we can while we are in the US!) I am also passionate about baking delicious French pastries and cooking new flavors.

Our Community

L’École families are committed to supporting our teachers and staff in providing a rigorous academic curriculum in both French and English. We are a diverse community of individuals who share a common goal: to develop bilingual and bi-literate world citizens. As an independent school, L’École does charge tuition, but our priority is offering a quality education that is affordable for all families in our community. 

L’École de Denver does not discriminate in its education policies (including admissions and scholarships) and employment policies against any person on the basis of race, color, religion, age, disability, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, veteran status, or on any other basis proscribed by federal, state, or local law.